Office Desking and Tables

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Simple, elegant, economical. Benching desking allows you to maximise space and provide multiple workstations. Select from many adjustable solutions that combine ample work space with integrated storage and organisation capabilities. Support teamwork by removing barriers and effortlessly reconfigure space as your employee needs fluctuate. Adapt to change and encourage agility among your workforce.

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Sit Stand

Sitting for hours in a row slows metabolism and has a negative effect on all parts of the body. Avoid the afternoon slump and promote employee health with a desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing. Easily adjust our sit/stand desks to improve productivity, burn more calories, reduce back pain, and experience a boost in energy throughout the day.

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Free Standing

The right desk can make you feel confident and organised. Whether you need a desk that’s customised for computer work or a roomy workstation for piles of paper, our space planning experts can help you find the desk that’s right for you. With surfaces designed for quality and durability, we offer styles for every taste.

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From kick off meetings to deal agreements, the boardroom table is a silent partner in many business activities. Yet it’s style speaks volumes about your company. We specialise in selecting furniture with exceptional quality that works in harmony and reflects your brand’s values so you create the right impression every time.

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Reception Counters

The reception area creates that important first impression but with many tasks on the go, meeting clients, answering calls, booking appointments etc this space needs to meet high demands. Our reception counters have endless reconfiguration options so you can provide your front of house with the right storage and workstation setup, without compromising on company aesthetic.

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