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Chemistry is a collection of desks and tables. This setup includes a pair of horizontal beams that offer a strong structure and flexible fixing techniques for all the components of this collection. With an option to attach required surface and accessories along with the beams, Chemistry ensures a productive and manageable environment.  Chemistry, with its universally sized steel cross rails, provides ease of configuration and flexibility to your workspace.

Chemistry is designed to offer adaptability and flexibility to add value to your set up of your advanced work environment. With beautiful looking finishes, the Chemistry environment allows the sharing of components. You can set that up as an individual desk or a bench. Chemistry is a touch-down meeting space with an adaptive design that allows partitions. It provides a sufficient shadow gap between top and frame to improve the natural movement. With Adjustable fleet, this environment offers a higher level of comfort. Smartly designed square steel tube legs with mitred corners are designed to give it a luxurious touch. 

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