The Benefits of Using Sneeze Screens in Your Back to Work Strategy

Running a business isn’t exactly easy even at the best of times. The year of 2020 has brought about some of the toughest of economic uncertainties that we’ve faced in a long time, as entire industries have been forced to change how they operate. The impacts of the corona virus have brought about new challenges for businesses to overcome, the latest of which being “how can we return to work safely, and productively?”

There is no doubt that the way in which we work has been changed for the foreseeable future, with social distancing being an essential part of everyday life. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can adapt to these new changes and get your company back in business. This article will teach you how you can bounce back from the lows of the corona virus and thrive in the “new norm” with the implementation of Perspex sneeze screens.

What Exactly are Perspex Sneeze Screens?

Perspex screens or ‘sneeze shields’, do a lot more than just protect you from the unpredictable sneezing fits of your colleagues. Made from thick acrylic glass, they serve as a protective barrier to your immune system by reducing airflow and therefore the transmission of viruses & germs.

The screens can be creatively implemented into your workplace to make it more hygienic, whilst ensuring that you can still work productively. Each screen is easily wipeable to suit a regular cleaning schedule for areas with high concentrations of people over short periods of time, such as in the hospitality industry. The rounded edges of the screens are designed to reduce any damage caused from collisions or tripping.

How to Use Sneeze Screens Effectively

As the importance of social distancing has increased, so have the different ways in which sneeze screens can be used. The flexible nature of the mobile “screens on wheels” can be used in multiple locations, for maximum ROI. Alternatively, you can install them right into your existing infrastructure for a more permanent solution, for example using desk dividers. This allows you to maintain a safe distance amongst your colleagues, without having any negative effect on motivation or mental health.

You can even choose from larger, box-based solutions, which serve as a crucial addition to reception areas, cashier stations, and any other area where you expect large volumes of people flowing through.

How Viruses are Transmitted

According to current evidence from the NHS, COVID-19 is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets containing the virus. These droplets can land on surfaces such as telephones, keyboards, or any kind of inanimate object. Droplets that are contaminated can be released in the form of sneezing, coughing or even speaking!

This displays the vital role that sneeze screens can play in your business, as they can be the final stand between the invisible virus and the health of your workforce.

Are Sneeze Screens worth the Investment?

The use of facemasks in tightly packed areas like public transport has been highlighted as an absolute necessity to reduce the chance of becoming infected. However, in many communication focused roles, it can negatively affect the productivity of employees. Not to mention they’re pretty uncomfortable to have to wear all the time!

Perspex screens provide the perfect solution to the combined requirement for safety and efficiency. Employees can work from a safe distance without having to stress about transmission via conversating, because the screens will serve as the perfect protective barrier. Being able to keep your business operational, whilst simultaneously keeping your employees happy, is definitely worth the long-term investment in your workspace.

Sneeze screens are also ideal for customer facing environments, as it serves as an added confidence boost to visitors who are present in your business premises.

How to Maintain a Good Office Aesthetic

Whilst it is a good idea to make your business a safe place to be, it doesn’t mean that it has to come at the cost of good interior design. You don’t want your place of business to look like a dystopian hospital ward! It’s imperative to find the balance between hygiene, and style, so that people continue to enjoy your place of work, and not view it as an eyesore.

You want it to blend it in seamlessly with a professional installation, and with a number of adjustable solutions available to fit your needs, you can maintain the confidence of your team, without ruining the aesthetic of your workplace. Excek can help you to find the right solution for you, to improve the safety of the place you work, without compromising your branding and culture.

Companies That Are Using Sneeze Screens

  • McDonalds – employees have their own stations to carry out their job role. Every station is separated by sneeze screens, including a small window for passing items to one another. This ensures that employee wellbeing is maintained, without a decline in productivity.
  • Restaurants & Bars – sneeze screens have been implemented in booths to keep guests separated, and at bars to avoid direct contact with customers when placing orders.
  • Supermarkets – similar to the hospitality industry, cashiers on the checkout are enclosed in their own booth with a small window, to minimise interactions.
  • Office Workers – fixed partition screens to bring back the cubicle, but with transparency to provide the social element.
  • Starbucks – in order to maintain the friendly vibe of their coffee shops, Starbucks have implemented sneeze screens only around their main brewing & ordering areas.

Should You Get Sneeze Screens for Your Business?

Clearly there are plenty of ways that you can effectively implement Perspex sneeze screens into your workplace. If the year of 2020 has highlighted anything for businesses, it’s that being agile is becoming increasingly more important for success. Evidently the organisations who fail to handle the curveballs of today’s business environment, may be forced to deal with unnecessary issues in the future that could’ve been prevented. Whilst it may seem that the worst impacts of the corona virus are behind us, it doesn’t mean that social distancing will become a thing of the past.

Make the investment in your company today so that you are prepared should the worst happen.

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