Reasons Why You Should Use a Monitor Arm

If you use a computer on a regular basis then you might occasionally experience a bit of pain or discomfort especially if you’re sitting down for very long periods of time. This can be caused by a number of different reasons such as your chair height or your posture, but something that people often overlook is actually their monitor.

Having a monitor that is too high, too low or even too far or close can have a huge impact on your wellbeing and your productivity at work, so here are five reasons why you should be using a monitor arm.

You no longer have to strain your neck or monitor

It should come as no surprise that we find different positions more comfortable throughout the day, but adjusting yourself can often be annoying and you may end up having to strain your neck or eyes when working. A monitor arm allows you to move your monitor around as much as you’d like and bring it closer to you, push it further away or even raise or lower it however you like. This offers you a lot more comfort, no matter what position you stand or sit in and it’s a solution that fits with you no matter how often you use your computer.

Clear up your desk for more space

Another advantage of having a monitor arm is that you no longer need to use your desk for a stand. This means that you can clear your desk space and use it for more productive purposes such as pushing your keyboard further away so that your arms or your wrists aren’t bent too much when using your keyboard and mouse. This means that you can keep your arms and hands at a comfortable angle for typing and you’ll have more space to push your keyboard back should you ever need to use your desk space for writing on regular documents or performing other tasks. A clear desk also means less clutter and that results in a more productive time at work.

Portrait mode monitors

Only certain monitors come with a portrait mode in the form of an adjustable stand, but if you’re using a relatively old monitor or want to get rid of the stand while keeping portrait mode, then you can easily use a monitor arm as a replacement. Portrait mode allows you to put certain programs or webpages on it without having to scroll up and down. This essentially means that you can view long articles or large lists without having to switch between windows and it also means you won’t be turning your head too much if you have multiple widescreens.

As you can see, there are some very compelling and ergonomic reasons to get yourself a monitor arm. It’s one of the biggest conveniences that you’ll find yourself using on a regular basis and also a great way to offer employees at your office a lot of comfort, especially when they’re working for long hours at their desk.

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