Why every open-plan workspace needs a meeting booth

An open-plan office space provides advantages for both employees and the business. The spacious floor plan promotes collaboration and makes it easier for employees to interact. Colleagues can ask questions or give advice without having to send an email or schedule a meeting. Businesses benefit from reduced construction cost, improved employee innovation, and greater personnel flexibility. The only downside is the constant noise and distraction. There’s nowhere to talk privately, and it can be difficult to focus. A meeting booth can solve a variety of issues while allowing flexible space and open communication.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Every business is different. Every employee functions better under varying conditions. While open-plan workspaces promote communication and adaptability, employees also need spaces to focus and sometimes decompress. Businesses don’t have to choose between one or the other. Modern office design offers more than one type of office environment to meet a variety of needs. Meeting booths allow employers to provide diverse spaces that encourage even greater office success.

Provide Privacy

Sometimes employees need to have an intense conversation during product development or when collaborating on a difficult project. Meeting booths give them somewhere they can talk in privately away from the office hustle and bustle. They also remain accessible to the rest of the team, but the meeting booth sets them apart both visually and acoustically to cut down on interruptions.

Meeting booths also allow employees to go from a high-energy desk area to taking a quiet phone call, and when a packed schedule makes it hard to get away for lunch, meeting booths provide a quick escape from desks without having to step outside.

Meeting Booths Are Informal

Give employees a place to meet and share thoughts without the imposed formality of a closed-door office. Soft furnishings, muted colours, and sound-absorbing acoustic panels make a meeting booth feel more like a comfortable living area than an industrial space. An informal booth also gives employees a place to quickly jump into in the event of spur of the moment meetings, set up ready for whenever inspiration strikes.

Meeting Booths Can Be Reconfigured

One of the many benefits of open-plan office spaces is the ability to move desks as often as needed. Meeting booths are easy to shift together to create a much larger space for a departmental meeting or break apart for more intimate groupings. They can offer different power options and display multiple media devices.

Meeting booths come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and finishes. Set up a media booth, create a collaborative space that feels like a sofa, or choose seating that can be configured for presentations. Whatever your business needs, there’s a meeting booth that can improve productivity and facilitate creative processes to make your workplace even more effective.

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